Janus 5.1 Update

Janus 5.1 is a major revision of Janus 5.0. There are new features, enhancements to existing modules and fixes.

Note: Astrology House has released a PDF showing most of the new and improved features that you can get here.


Important Notice:

Please be aware that all Janus 5.0ís settings have been changed in Janus 5.1. When updating from Janus 5.0 to Janus 5.1, any customized settings and presets you have created will over-ridden by the new Janus 5.1 factory settings.


Before updating, we recommend that you open Janus 5.0 and make a note of any settings you have customized and wish to use in Janus 5.1.


Changes from Janus 5.0 to 5.1


New features

* Edit Aspect Lines module under Settings. Aspect Line color, style, and width is now selected from a central place, instead of each wheel module.

* Can now paste text from a rich text source and text from Excel into chart notes.

* Select the option of using natal chart settings or custom settings in each module for coordinate system, zodiac, house system, moon's true or mean node, sun rise/set type, part of fortune formula in the single, bi, tri, and quad wheel, uranian wheel, vedic chart, octoscope, alternate coordinate systems wheel, sky map, daily timing, calendar, graphs, ephemeris, calculate transits.

* Can now export transit lists to Excel.

* Custom Arabic Parts Editor module and View Custom Arabic Parts module has been added.

* Star Table module under View.

* Aspects to Stars module under View.

* Optionally include planet positions table in print outs for Single, Bi, Tri, Quad, and Alternate Coordinate Systems wheels.

* Proportional Single Wheel design now supports displaying a hybrid house system.

* Can now customise the order of the planets in a Natal Chart Report.

* Can now customise which day to use as the start of each week in a Monthly Calendar.

* Can now select an image aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 when copying or saving an Astro Locality Map image.

* Presets added to Main Screen under Settings.

* Double-click a date in the list transits window to display the event in a wheel.

* Distributions module under Predictive.

* Cast Age Harmonic Chart under Predictive.

* Aspects to Stars interpretation file template.



* The problem caused by double-clicking a Main Screen icon has been fixed.

* The Brazil 02 time change file data has been corrected.

* Large chart files are now displayed faster in the Get Chart module.

* Better handling of Presets for Traditional, Horary, and Electional chart modules.

* The Astro Locality Relocation Report window no longer remains in front of the wordprocessor window.

* The Astro Locality Map now gets the zodiac system and house system from the natal chart instead of settings.

* Astro Locality Map. Can now display paran lines, destiny crossings, ACG and LS aspect lines and MP lines for screen, printing, copy, and save image for any region down to zoom level 1.

* The SAN's position has been added to the list of Traditional Chart results table.

* Increased size of screen wheels in Single, Bi, Tri, and Quad Wheel, Horary, Electional, Alternate Coordinate System, Octoscope, and Uranian wheel modules where space permits.

* 28 Lunar Mansions for Traditional, Horary, and Electional chart modules.

* The time frame 'date and period' is retained when getting another chart from within the Graphic Ephemeris, Declination Graph, and Uranian Graph modules.

* Revised Synastry Report layout.

* Revised Natal Report layout.

* All Dasas option added to the Dasa/Bhukti/Antar listing in the Vedic chart module.

* All interpretation files are now stored in unicode text format which supports the use of accented characters.

* Translation resource interpretation files have been constructed in such a way to make it easier to translate or replace each english text with text in another language.



* Part of Necessity (Paul Alexandrinus) description corrected to read Asc + POF - Mercury by Day, and Asc + Mercury - POF by Night.

* Part of Basis formula corrected to Asc + the shortest distance of fortune - spirit, or spirit - fortune.

* Dynamic midpoint line thickness corrected in graphs.

* Displaying Arabic Parts and Stars in Traditional, Electional, and Horary modules for dates prior to 1500 AD error message has been fixed.

* Auto lookup the correct country time change file has been fixed when get another chart in the Calendar module.

* Sidereal House cusps have been fixed in the Octoscope for Campanus, Kock, Regiomontanus, Topocentric house systems.

* Profections calculations have been fixed in the Traditional Chart module.

* Solar Arc is now recalculated when get event chart in the Uranian Chart module.

* Progressed and Directed event charts are now calculated correctly when rectifying a chart in the Bi, Tri, and Quad wheel modules.

* The Part of Daemon now uses the same formula as the same as the Part of Spirit.

* Arabic Part selection for Bi Wheel has been fixed.

* Importing sidereal charts from Janus 4 now retains the correct sidereal zodiac.

* Converting Janus 4 to Janus 5 charts, and Janus 5 to Janus 4 charts now handles sidereal zodiacs correctly.

* The Astro Locality Map now uses the correct time zone consistently when displaying a relocated chart wheel.

* Selecting the Tri Wheel Data topic in Help has been fixed.

* Mc calculation has been fixed in the Table of Houses module.

* The Astro Locality Report now correctly reports the relocated Asc and Mc sidereal zodiac sign.

* The Geodetic Signature Mc value of the mouse position in the Astro Locality module has been fixed.

* The list transits window size in now saved.

* The auto atlas lookup function for World and USA has been fixed.

* Cast a combined chart calculations have been fixed.

* Edit aspect orbs problem fixed.

* Synastry aspects are now calculated correctly in the Bi, Tri, and Quad wheel modules.

* Print synastry 2 bi wheels.The house cusps on the 2nd wheel are now reported correctly.

* Problem of chart wheel displaying duplicate Sun glyphs for Ingress chart cast using whole sign houses has been fixed.

* Declination Graph file not found error has been fixed.

* Ephemeris Text and Ephemeris Grid module calculations have been fixed for time zones other than GMT.

* In the Primary Directions module, the converse regiomontanus zodiac directions error message has been fixed.

* Synastry Report terms and meanings section now correctly handles alternate A and M glyphs for the Asc and Mc.

* Turning a Horary and Electional proportional chart wheel has been fixed.

* The transit forecast Report now shows sign ingress glyphs in an uncollated list.

* Generate Transit Report. The error message 'Index outside bounds of array' has been fixed.

* Graphic Ephemeris. Calculate Progressions error message 'could not find file' has been fixed.

* Duodecima and Novenaria house cusp calculations have been fixed in the Horary and Electional Chart modules.

* Star positions have been fixed in the Diurnal and Parans module.

* Search module. Look for matching aspects calculation has been fixed.

* Copy Graphic Ephemeris to clipboard error message has been fixed.

* Main Screen. Display arabic parts in proportional wheel error message has been fixed.

* Star Calculations. The position of Polaris (the northern pole star) has been fixed.

* Cast a return chart using specified time zone calculation has been fixed.

* Diurnal Events module. The correct number of parans are now calculated.

* Natal Chart Report by House. Zodiac Sign of 1st and 10th house cusps now calculated correctly when using whole sign houses.

* Accented characters are changed into non-accented characters when converting Quick Chart files to Janus 5 chart files.